Spiderman Miles Morales Inspired Mocktail

Spiderman Miles Morales Inspired Mocktail; hits the spot for the multiverse

spiderman Into the Spiderverse zero proof mocktail

Spiderman has been my better half’s favorite super hero for as long as I can remember. He says it’s the fact that he seems so relatable. Just a teenage boy in the city who is trying to do the right thing with the powers he was given. Either way, since Spidy is his favorite, there is a lot of Spiderman in our house.

But it’s not until recently that I learned of the concept of the multiverse. Now I know the original Spiderman into the Spiderverse came out nearly 5 years ago now. But even though it’s an animated movie, it’s geared towards an older audience then most animations and therefore, didn’t hold my kids’ attention very well at the time. But now, my whole house is spidy obsessed! Unless its a real spider of course, then everyone calls on Dad for some help!

Anyways, in Spiderman into the Spiderverse, we are introduced to Miles. Miles has a lot of similarities to the Peter Paker Spiderman I grew up with. They are both essentially teenagers still trying to learn about life in general when they are bitten by a radio active spider that turns their world upside down (quite literally at times). But the two characters also have differences including different support systems and different views on the responsibilities of Spiderman and what being Spiderman really means.

The amazing thing about the Spiderverse, it opens up so many possibilities for our favorite Marvel characters! And it gave us Miles Morales, or Spin as he is sometimes called. Is Peter Parker as Spidey of Gwen Stacy as Ghost Spider more your speed? No worries, we have you covered. Check back soon as they are coming up!

Enjoy a Spiderman Miles Morales Inspired non alcoholic drink as you get ready to watch the new installment of Spiderman into the Spiderverse; Spiderman across the Spiderverse and dive into the limitless possibilities.


Grape Juice

Orange Juice

Red Sanding Sugar

Lemon or Lime (optional for rimming the glass, Could also use water but the sugar doesnt tend to stick quite as well)

Black Striped Straw

2 drops black food coloring

About the Ingredients

Although Orange Juice is not as popular of a mix in as it used to but thanks to its strong flavor, it fits in well with our Miles Morales drink. And its orange color mixed with our purple makes for a dark base requiring only 2 drops of food color to get to black.

Grape Juice is crushed grapes in a liquid form leaving a very dark, deep purple color. It also boasts lots of health benefits for the 100% all juice varieties.

Ok guys, I hate having to use food coloring in these recipes. I feel like it’s cheating! But without the food coloring, this turns out a dark brown, just not quite dark enough to really mimic the black suit of our new Spiderman. So two drops of Black Food Coloring are needed here.

How to Make

1.Rim low ball glass with Red Sanding Sugar. Add Ice

2.Add equal parts Purple Grape Juice and Orange Juice over ice to low ball glass.

3. Add 2 drops of Black Food Coloring

4.Gently stir until well mixed

5.Add Black Striped Straw

Spiderman Across the Spiderverse inspired non alcoholic drink

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Which Spiderman from the Spiderverse is your favorite?

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