Starburst Infused Vodka Shots

Starburst Infused Vodka Shots to add a little kick to that juicy burst of flavors!

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Clearly Starbursts are a big fan favorite in this house since this is the second Starburst inspired recipe this year! This time, we are taking that familiar juicy Starburst flavor to a whole new level with a vodka infusion. Plus, our last Starburst inspired drink was a nod to the FavReds bag of Starbursts. This infusion lets your pick your own favorite flavor of Starbusts to enjoy. Or, if you are like me, maybe a little bit of them each! Because decisions can be hard!

Now, this infusion takes a little extra work compared to a hard candy infusion to get the alcohol filtered just right but when it is done, it is juicy and delicious. Also good to remember, as with any infusion, good things come to those who wait! That’s right, this one takes a bit of time but the actual time working on the infusion is relatively short. It’s mostly time for the alcohol to do its thing and take on the flavor of the Starburst Candy.

So, once again snag that wonderful yellow bag of juicey goodness, a bottle of vodka, and some air tight containers and get our Starburst Vodka infusion infusing!



Starbusts Candy seperated out by flavor

4 Air Tight Containers with a large mouth (I used wide mouth mason jars that I had left over from some moonshine but you can buy them as well!)

Coffee filters

About the Ingredients

Vodka is a great alcohol for infusions because of its clear color and relatively bland taste. This allows it to take on, not only the flavor, but also the color of what it is being infused with. For infusions, its best to use a mid grade vodka instead of a top shelf bottle.

Starburst Candy comes in 4 original flavors including strawberry, cherry, orange and lemon. The number of flavors has since expanded as the candy has gained popularity. They even have duos know where there are two flavors mixed in one small candy square.

How to make

Unwrap separated by color Starburst Candies and place each color inside of an air tight container. (I used 12 Starbursts of each flavor in each jar)

Add Vodka to each container. (The goal is to fully cover the Starburst Candies by at least an inch depending on the size container you are using.

Let sit for at least 24 hours and up to 5 days, shaking every so often. (The longer it infuses, the more potent the flavor)

Strain the infused vodka through a coffee filter. This process may take some time and multiple coffee filters per color. This can get a little messy and sticky therefore having a clean working space is best. (and a few wet paper towels ready to go isn’t a bad idea) Discard any candy pieces and sediment strained out from the infusion process.

Place containers in the freezer and allow time to fully chill for the best flavor

Unwrap one more Starburst for each color shot you are going to make.

Cut a slit into the candy and carefully pull apart just enough to set it on the rim of your shot glass. (I used these cool square shot glasses to go with the square shape of the candy.

Add the corresponding color infused vodka to the shot glass.

Enjoy Responsibly!
starburst infused vodka shots

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Do you prefer the original flavors of Starburst or the new flavors?

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