Starburst Shooters

Starburst Shooters; perfect for those curious friends!

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Starburst are one of those addicting candies that I could sit and eat the whole bag if I’m not careful! The juicey flavors are just so good, I knew making Starburst shooters was a must. While I dont discriminate based on flavor when I’m presented with a bag of originals, I am personally, I’m a big fan of the Fav Reds bag. You know, the bag that is filled with only pink and red juicy, square shaped candies. Or even better yet, the Fav Reds bag of mini Starbursts.

My better half thinks they taste a little different then the originals. Well ok maybe he is right. But hear me out on this. An entire bag of deliciously juicy Starburst candy in miniature (really, who doesn’t love the cute factor that anything mini brings with it). Plus, they are all already unwrapped! That’s right, no wasting time unwrapping, its just straight down to eating when it comes to Starbutst Minis! Did I mention they sell them in a Fav Reds bag too? And that’s why I picked pink Starbutst for this particular shooter.

These Starburst inspired shooters have a big burst of flavor just like the candy they are fashioned after.

Get a hold of that wonderful yellow bag of juicey goodness, gather the simple ingredients and make some Starburts shots of your own!

Ingredients and Barware (for 2 shots)

1.5oz vanilla vodka

1.5oz sour watermelon Schnaupps

A splash of simple syrup

White sanding sugar

Vanilla Frosting to rim shot glasses (optional)

2 Pink Starburs for Garnish

2 Shot Glasses (I used these cool square shot glasses to tie into the theme of a square candy)

Cocktail Shaker

About the ingredients

Vanilla Vodka is just what it sounds like, vodka that has been infused with vanilla beans; delicious!

Sour Watermelon Schnaupps is an alcohol that helps bring that tart yet refreshingly juicy taste to these Starbursts Shots. Plus it creates that pink color to mimic our candy of honor for this shot!

Simple Syrup is a mixture of water and sugar boiled together to ensure it isfully dissolved. It is often used to sweeten drinks without having issues getting sugar to dissolve in the liquid, espeically cold liquids like in a cocktail or shot

How to Make

1.Slowly drag the rim of the shot glasses through the vanilla frosting to get a consistent ring of frosting,

2.Dip shot glass rims into the white sanding sugar, set aside

3.In a cocktail shaker, add ice and combine .75oz vanilla vodka, .75oz sour watermelon Schnaupps, and a splace of simple syrup. Shake vigerously until well mixed and chilled

4.Pour into rimmed shot glasses

5.Garnish with Pink Starburst Candy

Garnish Tips

For these shooters, adding a pink Starburst candy to the rim really drives home the theme. Place unwrapped starbrust candy on a cutting board. Use a sharp knife to place a slit about 1/3 of the way up the starburst. Carefully pull apart at the slit just enough to be able to place the candy on the rim of the glass. Be careful not to misshape the candy like I did on my first try. Good news though, I got to eat that one guilt free and try again!

Enjoy Responsibily!

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What is your favorite flavor of Starbursts? Are you team Mini Starbursts or full size?

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