Super Mario Inspired Cocktail

Super Mario Inspired Cocktail, perfect to relived a little but of the good old days!

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Mamma Mia. The little plumber who could and his band of friends have been a name in my house from as far back as I can remember. Super Mario Brothers came out in 1985 by Nintendo and just writing out that name I swear I can hear the old Nintendo system turning on and the game playing in the background. 

This Super Mario inspired cocktail combines the blue jeans of Marios overalls and the red of his shirt to create a fun layered cocktail. No matter which character is your favorite, this drink is sure to be the hit of the party with its layered lock.

So whether your firing up your old system or new one, schooling your kids in a classic video game from your day, watching the characters come to life on the big screen or just want something delicious and fun to drink. Grab your Super Mario Inspired Cocktail, pick your favorite character and Lets a-go!

Ingredients and Barware for 1 Cocktail

2oz Vodka

2oz Blue Curaco

1oz Granidine

Martini Glass (I used these stemless ones from Amazon)

Cocktail Shaker

Bar Spoon

About the Ingredients

Vodka is a distilled alcoholic drink that is clear in color. It typically does not have much flavor and therefore is a very popular alcohol to infuse. Since it is clear in color, it is the perfect alcohol to mix and get our blue for our protagonist’s overalls.

Blue Curaco derrives its orangy taste from the dried leaves of the citrs fruit that is grown on the Island of Curaco. Despite its orange flavor, the liquor has a vibrant blue color. When mixed with our Vodka, the Vodka takes on the blue color and it lightens it up a bit

Grenadine is one of the heaviest drink mix-ins which allows it to settle on the bottom of the glass. Its cherry tastes is delicious and mixes well with the orange flavor of the blu Curaco and the red color rounds out the Mario look of his red shirt.

A Martini glass is the perfect glass for this drink because it makes the layers a little bit more visible. Especially since this particular recipe only calls for a smaller amount of Grenadine.

How to Make

Carefully pour 1 oz Grenadine directly into the bottom of the martini glass, trying not to get it on the sides of the glass.

In cocktail shaker, add ice and 2 oz Blue Curaco and 2 oz Vodka. Shake vigerously until well mixed and chilled

Carefully and slowly pour blue mixture into martini glass on top of the Grenandine layer. (Tip: using the back of a bar spoon to slowly pour the blue mixture can help prevent the two layers mixing. To do this, place the bar spoon upside down and touching the inside of the glass at least half way up, Then slowly pour the blue mixture over the back of the spoon allowing it so slowly pour into the glass and settle on top of the grenadine red layer)

Add ice as desired

Enjoy Responsibily!

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Which Super Mario Bros, Character was your go to when playing the game?

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