Sweet Summer Time Cocktail

Sweet Summer Time Cocktail perfectly refreshing for the wonderful season of summer!

Oh sweet sweet summer time. The weather is starting to get warmer during the days. The days are getting longer. And the birds are chirping. And that, my friends, means that sweet summer time season is right around the corner! There really is nothing quite like summer time. Playing outside from sun up until sun down. Vacations or staycations to explore new areas. The only clock is the summer time sun. Bare feet with swim suits and shorts! Ah yes, summer time is right around the corner.

There are so many things that my brain attributes to summer time. The smell of coppertone water babies, the sounds of slashing in the pool or kids running and playing outside. Or the smell of a barbeque grill heating up. And of course, sweet refreshing lemonade! Now, don’t get me wrong. Lemonade tastes amazing all year round. But, summer time lemonade, now that just seems to hit the spot differently after a long day of soaking up some extra vitamin D. And if you make that lemonda pink lemonade, well I’m not quite sure what could be better for a kid during summertime.

As an adult, I still love summer time. There seems to be so much fun outdoors activity, natural light and meals cooked and eaten outdoors! (read, no mess inside!) And yes, I still love lemonade, especially pink lemonade! And thats why I decided to make this Pink Lemonade Sweet Summer Time Cocktail! All the same tastes as when I was a kid, just with an extra little bit of boozey fun.

If you are like me and Summer time is your jam, then grab these ingredients, make this Sweet Summer Time Cocktail and let’s head outside for barefeet, summer nights, and lemonade!

Ingredients and Barware for 2 Cocktails

Pink Lemonade Vodka


Cranberry Juice

1 Whole Lemon for Garnish

White Sanding Sugar

Pink Striped Straws (optional)

Favorite bar glasses (I used these mini milk bottles because they make me think of summer time!)

About the Ingredients

Pink Lemonade Vodka of course has lemon flavorings in it that are mixed with a little bit of strawberry and raspberrry flavors for a yummy fruity flavor and pink appearance.

Lemonade is a lemon flavored drink with added sweetness thanks to some sugar of course. This adds to the wonderful summertime Lemonade taste of this cocktail

Cranberry Juice┬áis pretty straight forward. It’s made from the juice of cranberries with some added water and sugar.

How to Make

Rim your glass with white sanding sugar by cutting a wedge of lemon and running it around the rim of your glass. Then place the rim of your glass in the white sanding sugar.

Add Ice to your glasses and set aside

In cocktail shaker add ice and 4 oz Pink Lemonade Vodka, 4 oz Lemonade and 2 oz Cranberry Juice. Shake vigorously until well chilled and mixed.

Carefully pour over ice into rimmed glasses.

Garnish with a Lemon wheel.

Add Pink Striped Straw.

Garnish Tips

This garnish is pretty straight forward when it comes to garnishing a drink. Carefully slide the end off of a lemon. Then cut slices about 1/4 inch in thickness for each glass. Carefully place a slit into each lemon wheel ensuring not to go past the white center. Place one wheel on each glass as desired.

Enjoy Responsibly!

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What signifies the first sign of summer to you?

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