T-Rex Mocktail

T-Rex mocktail for when you want to pay tribute to the biggest and badest from 65 million years ago!

T-Rex Mocktail for kids

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I debated on what to name this drink. Yes, it is a T-Rex inspired non alcoholic drink for kids. Sounds like it would be an easy one. But, this experiment was started for my youngest who is dinosaur obsessed. He loves all things dinosaurs right now. Well that is except he did tell me “I don’t like the real ones”. Oh to see the world through the eyes of a three year old!

He loves dinosaurs so much, the fake ones that is, that he wanted a dino themed birthday party. For his third birthday. So of course, this drink in our house is called a Three-Rex Mocktail. I mean, what better addition to a dinosaur themed birthday for a three year old then a three-rex non alcoholic drink!

And this drink was such a hit! It has a little bit of all the fun things for young kids. It has a bright green color. It has bright red marachino cherries (3 of course). A thin layer of frosting. And SPRINKLES! Not just any sprinkles but dinosaur themed sprinkles to tie it all together.

Celebrate the biggest and baddest from 65 million years ago with this T-Rex Mocktail to delight all the dinosaur lovers in your life.


Green Apple Skittles Packet (I got mine here)

Ginger Ale

Vanilla Frosting (for rim)

Dinosaur Sprinkles (these are the ones I used from Amazon)

Marachino Cherries (three per drink)

Garnish Sticks (I used these)

Low Ball Glasses (I used my favorite plastic ones from Amazon)

About the Ingredients

Skittles Green Apple Drink Mix is a single packet mix power drink mix to add to water bursting with green apple flavor and a bright green color.

Gingle Ale is a carbonated drink with a light ginger flavor and a very pale, almost clear color.

Dinosaur Sprinkles were surprisingly my kids favorite part! The packet from Amazon I got did have some larger balls that I sorted out before I used them

T-Rex Mocktail Recipe (3 drinks)

1)Rim each of your Low Ball Glasses with Vanilla Frosting to get a thin and consistent coating to allow the sprinkles to stick

2)Dip the rim into the Dinosaur Sprinkles getting a somewhat even coating. (I sorted out the large balls from this mix before dipping)

3)In a medium pitcher add 18 oz water and 1 Skittles Green Apple Drink Packet. Stir until dissovled

4)Add Ice to each rimmed low ball glass

5)Pour prepared Skittles Drink Mix into rimmed low ball glasses roughly 3/4 the way full

6)Top with Ginger Ale

7)Add 3 Marachino Cherries on a Garnish Stick. Place the stick across the top of the drink.


T-Rex Mocktail Drink Recipe

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What is your favorite birthday theme for kids?

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