Tequila Cranberry Cocktail

Tequila cranberry cocktail for when you want the best of tequila and cranberry.

Tequila Cranberry Cocktail recipe with a hint of lime

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It seems like when anyone thinks of an alcohol to mix with, their mind automatically goes to vodka. I mean, it’s not surprising. Vodka has a lot of properties that makes it a great alcohol to use as a base for so many delicious drinks. And its clear color makes those delicious drinks look as fun as they are delicious. It also takes on the taste of a lot of different mix-ins.

But, I think tequila sometimes gets overlooked in terms of what it can be mixed with. It can have the same clear color which means that it also can create some very fun and vibrant looking drinks. Plus, it has a smooth agave taste which makes it a little more unique than the old stand by vodka. I mean, there is a reason margaritas are such a popular drink and make an appearance on almost every restaurant’s drink menu! (ok I may be a little biased since margaritas are one of my all time favorite alcoholic beverages!)

Be adventurous and try this tequila cranberry cocktail with a hint of lime for a refreshing drink perfect for any occasion!


Tequila Silver

Cranberry Juice

Lime Juice

Lime Wedges for Garnish

Garnish Sticks (there are my favorite from Amazon)

Low Ball Glasses

Cocktail Shaker

tequila cranberry cocktail with hint of lime recipe

About the Ingredients

Tequila is a lower calorie, clear alcohol made from the blue agave plant primarily found in Mexico getting its name from the town of Tequila in Mexico

Cranberry Juice is pretty straight forward and is made from the juice of cranberries with water and sugar.

Lime Juice is a citrus fruit with a tart taste and green color.

Tequila Cranberry Cocktail Recipe (2 drinks)

1)In a Cocktail Shaker, add ice, 3 oz Tequila, 9 oz Cranberry Juice and 1 oz Lime Juice. Shake until well mixed and chilled

2) Pour over ice into Low Ball Glasses

3) Add LIme Wedges on Garnish Sticks and place across the glass.

Enjoy Responsibly!

tequila cranberry cocktail with hint of lime recipe

Are you a tequila fan? Do you feel like sometimes tequila gets overlooked and stands in vodka’s shadow? Yep, I feel ya! Check out some of our favorite tequila recipes like this Bubble Gum Infused Tequila, this Classic Palmona or this bright and fun Blue Margarita!

What is your favorite tequila drink? What is your favorite non conventional tequila mixer?

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