Tequila Grapefruit Spritz

Tequila Grapefruit Spritz for a refreshingly light cocktail

easy tequila grapefruit spritz

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Tequila is one of my favorite alcohols. I think when people hear tequila they only think of margaritas. Which I can see why they would think that. Afterall, margartitias are an amazingly popular drink with its main ingredient being tequila.

But, tequila does have other fantastic drinks to offer! This tequila grapefruit spritz packs the sweet taste of grapefruit with the agava taste of tequila with just a touch of carbination. The flavors meld together to create a refreshing and very easy to craft cocktail!

One of the things I love about this particular drink is that there is no need for a cocktail shaker. No extra barware to clean. Just mix it right in the glass and responsibly enjoy its sweet taste. Most of the ingredients are also common ingredients in most bars meaning less thinking ahead to gather them from the store, and more enjoying the flavors!

Check out this tequila grapefruit spritz recipe for a refreshingly simple and yet sweet cocktail for those low key nights in.

Ingredients for Tequila Grapefruit Spritz Recipe


Grapefruit Juice


Grapefruit Wedge for garnish

Cherry for garnish

Garnish Stick (I used these)

Low Ball Glasses

Tequila Grapefruit Spritz Recipe

About the Ingredients

Tequila is a lower calorie alcohol made from the blue agave plant primarily found in Mexico getting its name from the town of Tequila in Mexico

Grapefruit juice is of course a citrus fruit that provides a mildly sweet flavor with a pink tint

Gingerale is a carbinated beverage with a mild ginger flavor. It is a common item found in a bar and is often used as a mixer.

Tequila Grapefruit Spritz Recipe

1)In a Low Ball Glass add ice and 1.5 oz Tequila, 1.5 oz Gingerale and 3 oz Grapefruit Juice

2)Cut a Grapefruit into a Grapefruit Wedges and set aside

3)Pierce a Granish Stick with a Marachino Cherry and slide it close to the top of the stick

4)Add your Grapefruit Wedge to the same stick just under the Cherry

5)Place Garnish Stick into your cocktail and gently stir

Enjoy Responsibly!

tequila grapefruit spritz recipe

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What is your favorite tequila based drink?

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