Tinker Bell Inspired Cocktails

Tinker Bell Inspired cocktails, with faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust!

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I have always had a soft spot for the tiny yet spunky beloved Disney character, Tinker bell. She always told things the way they were and gave everyone a run for their money. She is a fierce and loyal friend. And she doesn’t back down when the going gets tough. And let’s not forget, she helps people believe in themselves. Plus, she has pixie dust! And when there is pixie dust around, so is magic! This tiny yet fierce Tinker has grown exponentially in popularity and she now has movies and shows of her own. Empowering the young generations to be strong, stand up for what they believe in and face challenges head on.

Tinker bell also never let her size or apparent disadvantages that her tiny size brought her get in her way. In fact, she often turned her size into an asset. Disney had a way of making my child brain fall in love with the kids animation stories. And has a way of making my adult brain think extra hard at all the lessons embedded in their movies I have watched so many times before.

I am looking foward to seeing my number one favorite Disney character on the big screen in the new live action Peter Pan and Wendy movie and making a special themed cocktail in her honor.

Grab a few simple ingredients and make a few of these Tinker Bell inspired cocktails. Add faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust and navigate to the second star to the right and straight on till morning!

Ingredients and Barware


Green Powerade

Pixy sticks

Simple Syrup

Stemless Martini Glasses (I used these)

Cocktail Shaker (this one is amazing!)

About the Ingredients

Vodka is a distilled alcoholic drink that is clear in color. It typically does not have much flavor and therefore is a very popular alcohol to infuse.

Green Powerade is a sports drink with a melon flavor and a bright green color, perfectly fitting for our Tinker Bell inspired cocktils in tribute to the tiny green firecracker!

Simple syrup is simply a mixture of equal parts water and sugar boiled until fully dissolved and slightly thickened. It is a staple ingreditent in most bars as its frequently used to sweeten cocktails without having issues of sugar dissolving fully in a cold drink

Tinker Bell Inspired Cocktails

Recipe by Jess@cocktailsmocktailsandswizzlesticksCourse: Character CocktailsDifficulty: Beginner


Prep time


Cooking time



A perfect drink to mimic the sassy yet small in size fairy!


  • Simple Syrup

  • Pixy Stick Candy

  • 2 oz Vodka

  • 6 oz Green Gatorade


  • Pour a small amount of Simple Syrup onto a plate and dip the rim of the martini glasses into it.
  • Pour pixy stick candy out of the wrapper onto a separate plate and dip the rimmed martini glasses into the pixy stick candy dust. (the pixi dust will start to dissolve onto the glass thanks to the simple syrup and will set up within a few minutes. I chose the blue pixy sticks which turned the perfect color green when coming in contact with the wet Simple Syrup for this Tinkerbell inspired cocktail)
  • In a cocktail shaker add ice and 3oz Green Powerade and 1oz Vodka. Shake vigerously until chilled and well mixed
  • Pour over ice into Pixy Stick rimmed martini glasses.

Enjoy Responsibly!

There is something special about the classic animated Disney and Pixar films that we grew up with. Check out some of our other character inspired cocktails. Like these Peter Pan inspired Cocktails or this Toy Story Inspired Buzz Lightyear Cocktail for your next Disney movie night!

What is your favorite Tinker Bell quote?

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