Toy Story’s Alien Inspired Mocktail

Toy Story’s Alien Inspired Mocktail because you can always find a way with the claw.

Toy Story's Alien inspired mocktail recipe

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I have experimented with a few Toy Story drinks already. There really isn’t a more iconic animated movie franchise out there than Toy Story. The franchise has managed to captivate audiences across several generations. Generations who grew up or are growing up in very different worlds. It really amazes me the success of Toy Story.

The aliens make an appearance in all the major Toy Story films. But they have a larger role in the third film where their obsession with “The Claw” really pays off. Although the aliens always play supporting roles, the loveable trio stole the hearts of Disney lovers. And they are frequntly found dressed up as other loveable Disney characters branded as Toy Story Aliens Remixed.

Learn to make this Toy Story’s Alien Inspired Mocktail in tribute to the fun little guys from Pizza Planet and make your next family movie night fun that is out of this world!


Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-aide

Lime Juice

Green Sanding Sugar (This is the one I used)

Whole Lime for garnish

Black Star Straws (I used these ones from Amazon). Straws and stars are the perfect fit for an alien inspired drink!

Low Ball Glasses (These are my favorite plastic glasses for kiddos!)

About the Ingredients

Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-aid is a flavored drink mix with a bright blue color and sweet yet tart lemonade taste. The bright blue is perfect for our Alien inspired mocktail.

Lime Juice is a citrus fruit with a tart taste.

Toy Story’s Alien Inspired Mocktail Recipe (3 Mocktails)

1)Make Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-aid according to the directions on the package

2) Rim Low Ball Glasses with Green Sanding Sugar. Add ice.

3)In a medium pourable container, add 24 oz of Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-aid and 2 oz Lime Juice, Stir until well mixed.

4)Pour into rimmed low ball glasses

5)Add Lime Wheel to rim of glass as garnish.

6)Add Black Star Straw


Toy Story's Alien Inspired Mocktail Recipe

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Who is your favorite character from the Toy Story franchise?

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