Toy Story’s Buzz Inspired Cocktail

Toy Story’s Buzz inspired cocktail takes you to Infinity and Beyond where you’ve got a friend in me (and maybe a little Buzz of your own)

Easy Toy Story's Buzz inspired cocktail

I have always had a soft spot for all of the residents of Andy’s room. When Toy Story 3 came out, you better believe I shed some tears of my own seeing the era of Andy with a beautiful close and an almost passing of the baton to the next generation. And of course, I made sure to watch that on the big screen for my inner child!

I’m actually amazed at the power of Disney and Pixar for being able to capture two distinct generations. Growing up in very different times! But I love being able to share the movies I grew up watching with my own kids. Who are just as enamored with the Toy Story gang today as I was as a kid. 

So much so, in fact, we had to have a Two infinity and beyond themed second birthday party for my daughter. And of course, since I was pretty much in love with the theme as my daughter was, I may have gone all out. Matching family shirts, matching cake, themed food and of course the movie playing in the background. Oh it was a blast!

Which is why Buzz especially holds a very special place in my heart. 

This Buzz Lightyear themed cocktail is sure to be a hit among all those 90s kids out there. With a taste that is out of this world and an appearance that will have you reminiscing about the loveable spaceranger in no time. Whether you’re watching the gang on tv, hosting a special Two infinity and beyond party. Or just aiming to create a little buzz of your own, this cocktail is a must make to really take your adventures to infinity and beyond.

Ingredients and Barware for 1 Cocktail
  1. 1 part Sour Apple Moonshine
  2. 1 part Lemon Lime Soda
  3. Cherry for garnish
  4. Purple sanding sugar (optional)
  5. White and purple stripped straw (optional)
  6. Low Ball Glass
Toy Story's Buzz inspired cocktail recipe

About the ingredients

Lemon lime soda is frequently used in cocktail recipes in part due to its clear coloring and in part due to its refreshing lemon lime taste.

With a little bit of sour and a little bit of tart, sour apple moonshine is not only incredibly smooth to drink but it also provides the hint of green to mimic Buzz’s spacesuit

How to make

1.Rim your low ball glass with purple sanding sugar, add ice to the glass. (tip: using a small amount of frosting to rim the glass helps to get a consistent and thicker rim over traditional citrus fruit)

2.Pour 1 part sour apple moonshine over ice

3.Add 1 part lemon lime soda (if you want a stronger cocktail, add slighlty less then one part lemon lime soda)

4.Add cherry garnish inside the glass for just a hint of cherry flavor. (and a touch of red like we see on our favorite space ranger’s suit)

5.Add purple stipped straw (optional but does add the extra touch of Buzz’s colors we see on his space suit)

Enjoy Responsibly!
Toy Story's Buzz inspired cocktail

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Which of Andy’s gang is your favorite character? Which Toy Story movie in the franchise is your favorite?

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