Toy Story’s Buzz Inspired Mocktail

Toy Story’s Buzz Inspired Mocktail to take you to infinity and beyond my friend

Toy Story's Buzz inspired mocktail

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My kids really do love Toy Story. All of them in fact. They are frequently played in our house. Not only that, at this point, we have managed to collect nearly all the characters. And not just from the first two movies, but from the whole franchise. Forkey, Bunnie and Ducky have found a place in our home as well. Having the whole gang on the screen and in the audience really makes for a fun Disney Toy Story movie night! I mean, really, what could be better?

Adding a themed Toy Story’s Buzz inspired non alcoholic drink to go with it, that’s what! My first take at adding some fun to the Toy Story franchise was this Woody Inspired Cocktail and this Buzz Inspired Cocktail. But it didn’t take long before I realized that those left out the three of my family members who may actually just love the residents of Andy’s room the most! And that is how the Toy Story’s Buzz inspired zero proof drink came to be.

While these mocktails also have a taste that’s out of this world and an appearance that mimics our beloved space ranger, unlike the cocktail version, these are fun for the whole family to enjoy together. These Toy Story’s Buzz inspired mocktails are perfect for your Two infinity and beyond party, that special birthday party or just for taking your Disney family movie night to infinity and beyond!

Ingredients and Barware (for three mocktails)

Green Powerade

Lemon Lime Soda

Maraschino Cherries

Frosting (optional for rim)

Purple Sanding Sugar (optional for rim. I used this one from Amazon)

Purple striped straw (optional. I used these ones from Amazon)

Low Ball Glasses (I used these plastic ones which are perfect for the kids to see the drink and yet not worry about glass breaking!)

Garnish Sticks (optional, but I used these)

About the Ingredients

Green Powerade is a sports drink containing electrolyes that are typically lost through sweat during intense physical activity. The green Powerade in particular has a melon flavor and just the right color green for our lovable space ranger!

Lemon Lime Soda provides carbonation and a touch of citrus flavors that often compliments Powerade beverages very well

Toy Story's Buzz inspired non alcoholic drink

How to Make

Take the rim of your low ball glasses carefully through the vanilla frosting to get a consistent thin coating around the rim

Dip the rim in the Purple Sanding Sugar. (I used this Purple Sanding Sugar.)Add ice and set aside.

In a pourable container, add 2.5 cups of Green Powerade and 1 cup of Lemon Lime Soda. Stir slowly until well mixed.

Carefully pour over ice into low ball glasses

Add Maraschino Cherries on the garnish sticks to the top of the glass

Add Purple Striped Straws to round out the Buzz appearance. (I used the purple ones from this pack)

Garnish Tips

This garnish can be a little bit messy and sticky. I recommend working over a sink or cutting board to minimize the mess. Carefully pierce three Maraschino Cherries on each garnish stick. It is likely juice will sepe out when piercing. Push the cherries to the middle of the stick. Place the stick across the back of the low ball glasses.

Toy Story's Buzz inspired zero proof drink

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Which Toy Story movie is your favorite?

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