Twist of Lime Cocktail

Twist of Lime cocktail for that refreshing yet mildly tart familiar hint of lime.

twist of lime cocktail recipe

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Limes are probably one of my favorite citrus fruits when it comes to alcoholic drinks. They add a wonderfully mild tart taste when mixed in. And a brilliant green color when used as a garnish. It pairs wonderfully with some of my favorite alcohols such as vodka and tequila. Heck, limes spruce up water all the time! It’s honestly quite a versatile fruit.

Plus, it’s small, easy to cut, and easy to juice. When limes and tequila come up, I think everyone instinctively thinks margarita! And for good reason. Because they are delicious! Margaritias are one of my first favorite alcoholic beverages! That’s probably why I have so many fun twists on the classic lime margartita like this refreshing Frozen Strawberry Margaritia or this vibrant Blue Margarita. But this recipe is all about the twist of lime cocktail.

A very easy to prepare, fun to look at and refreshing drink. With a handful of very common ingredients found in most home bars, this one is great after a long Friday when you want to usher in the weekend in style, but maybe lack some of the energy to do that.

Make a Twist of Lime cocktail for all occasions when you want that tequila lime taste, and lime green garnish without the margarita clean up.



Lime Juice

Lemon Lime Soda

Lime Wheel for Garnish

Swizzlestick (a spoon works just fine here but this blog is called Cocktails Mocktails and Swizzlesticks afterall)

Ice (these are the ice trays I used to get small ice balls)

Low Ball Glasses

Twist of Lime Cocktail Recipe ingredients

About the Ingredients

Tequila is a lower calorie alcohol made from the blue agave plant primarily found in Mexico getting its name from the town of Tequila in Mexico

Lime Juice is a citrus fruit juice with a tart taste

Lemon Lime Soda provides carbonation and adds to the citrus taste from the lime juice

Twist of Lime Cocktail Recipe (2 drinks)

1)Add Ice to Low Ball Glasses

2)Add 1.5 oz Tequila and 1 oz Lime Juice to each glass. Stir with Swizzlestick

3)Top with Lemon Lime Soda. Stir gently with Swizzlestick. (You may need to top off with a tad more ice depending on your preference)

4)Garnish with Lime Wheel

Enjoy Responsibly!

Easy Twist of Lime Cocktail

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What is your go to after a long day when you still want to celebrate the weekend?

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