UFC Main Event Inspired Cocktail

UFC Main Event Inspired Cocktail where two of their sponsors come together to create something charged!

ufc main event cocktail recipe

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Personally, I am not a huge UFC fan. While I can appreciate the incredible talent, strength and dedication that is required to be successful in the sport, it’s just not my idea sporting event. My better half on the other hand, well it is one of his favorites. They tend to be on pretty late in the evenings in our time zone. Making them a perfect kids free watch event after the tiny humans go to bed.

Despite not being a huge UFC fan, after watching a few rounds of a few fights here and there I can still tell you two of their major sponsors. New Amsterdam Vodka and Monster Energy. Monster energy’s logo is all over the octagon. And it’s also all the outfits of the girls who tell you what round they are in. New Amsterdam Vodka is a newer sponsor but it can still be seen on frequent commercial breaks between rounds and events.

What better way to celebrate the UFC fan in my house then with a drink created by two of their big sponsors!

Try this UFC main event inspired cocktail for a deliciously charged buzz from two of the sponsors behind the dedication, talent and strength of the fighters.

Ingredients for UFC Main Event Inspired Cocktail

New Amsterdam Vodka

Monster Energy

Cherry for garnish

High Ball Glass

Garnish Stick (I used these)

easy ufc main event cocktail recipe

About the Ingredients

New Amsterdam Vodka is a brand of vodka that is distilled 5 times and filtered 3 times leaving a supremely smooth taste.

Monster Energy is an energy drink that comes in over 30 flavors that advertises it boasts focus when you need that little punch of energy.

UFC Main Event Inspired Cocktail Recipe (1 Cocktail)

1)In a High Ball Glass, add ice, 3 oz New Amsterdam Vodka, and 6 Monster Energy.

2)Stir gently with a Garnish Stick.

3)Add 2 Cherries to your Garnish Stick. Place the stick in the drink with the cherries sticking out.

Enjoy Responsibly!

ufc main event cocktail recipe

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