Zootopia Inspired Mocktail

Zootopia Inspired Mocktail; welcome to the urban jungle

Zootopia inspired mocktail non alcoholic drink

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Zootopia seems to be one of the more unknown and underrated Disney movies. It really is a pretty adorable movie with some really good lessons in it. Zootopia made debut in 2016 as the 55th animated feature Disney film. The storyline follows Detective Hopps as she breaks the stereotype of a bunny. And shows the world what she can do. She teams up with an unlikely fox who realizes that maybe he can be more than a sly fox too. The two form a unique bond and work together to get to the bottom of the case of 14 missing predators.

The lessons in this hit hard for me right now. Try. Understand that you may fail. And when you do, try again. No one gets it right the first time. And you never know which time will be the changing point of success. That theme is so strong throughout this movie that towards the end my 4 year old looked up at me and said, “so basically this whole thing is about trying?” Yep. Sure is!

Which is something we have to work on with our kids. Helping to get them over the fear of failure so they will experiment and find their true passion, even though it might be hard. Because as Detective Hopps says, “Real life is messy”. And honestly, I’m not sure there has been any truer words said!

Lets make a Zootopia inspired mocktail and not be afraid to try because the sweetest success only comes after failures in this messy real life we live.


Blueberry Raspberry Crystal Light


Low Ball Glasses (these are my favorite plastic ones for the kids)

Blue Striped Straws (I used these from Amazon of course!)


Ice (The small ice works well for this drink to keep the blueberries towards the top of the drink. Here is the tray I used to make my ice)

About the Ingredients

Blueberry Raspberry Crystal Light Liquid is a liquid water mix-in with delicious flavors of blueberry and raspberry and a blue color.

Lemonade is a lemon flavored drink with added sweetness thanks to some sugar of course. Lemonade is a frequent standard item in a bar.

Blueberries are the perfect ingredint for a Zootopia drink because of our sly fox, Nick’s, obsession with the delicious blueberries from the Hopps family farm

Zootopia Inspired Mocktail Recipe (yields 3 mocktails)

This is an easy one! My favorite kind!

1)In pitcher, add 16 oz cold water and 3 strong squirts of BlueBerry Raspberry Crystal Light Liquid. Stir until well mixed

2)Add 4 oz Lemonade to the mixture. Stir until well mixed

3)Pour over ice into Low Ball Glasses

4)Top with Fresh Blueberries sitting right on top of the ice.

5)Add Blue Striped Straw


Zootopia inspired mocktail drink for kids

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What less popular Disney movie is your favorite?

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